Welcome to the new Sabre Sport website!

Sabre sport has a long history of designing and manufacturing products for motorsport, we race to prove, develop and test our products.

Developing our product and ideas, is the passion of racing.

The sabre sport facility in Felsted Essex has developed over the years from a humble workshop, to now having state of the art motorcycle rolling road, engine test cell and machine shop all in house.

Our mission is to continue developing products for motorsport and maybe return to moto GP with something special we can call our own!!!.

If we can help you please give us a call or email us to discuss whats possible.

Products developed by Sabre Sport

  • Swinging arm for the Honda NSRV2
  • The Sabre V4 (The Frame and engine)
  • Aprilia 250RSW exhausts and ignition
  • Motorcycle frames with Sabre Suspension
  • BPS programmable ignition for the Honda RS125 & RS250
  • Detonation sensor for 2 strokes
  • Data recording systems for all motorsport applications
  • Dash for all motorsport applications
  • Lap timing /receiver with on board display
  • Engine Control Unit for 2-4 cylinder engines